Around the Dasher – Looking Ahead at the B’s Road

Buzz’s Girlfriend and These Teams, Whoof.

It’s never a bad time to look at Boston’s competition down the stretch. People around the league will often say (U.S.) Thanksgiving is a great marking point for NHL teams and the standings rarely shake up from there, so this gives us an even better water mark on the competition they will face down the stretch and most importantly in the playoffs. Hell, we’ll even add a Christmas theme to it.

Shit in your stocking:

  • Buffalo
  • Florida

Buffalo may be a division rival who could give Boston fits, but as we get closer to the trading deadline this is a selling team who has a long road of rebuilding ahead  (Note: They don’t have a GM right now). Florida’s played better of late, but they’re the Panthers.

Sexy Santa’s You Love Seeing

  • Ottawa
  • New Jersey
  • Columbus
  • Islanders

Chances are Boston isn’t going to see the latter 3 in the playoffs, due to the new playoff format we (kind of) covered here. Ottawa has been bad this year. Barely a .500 team, Craig Anderson having a bad start, this trade, and not bringing back the face of the franchise hasn’t fared them well. Karma’s a bitch.

Just a Couple of Egg Nogs and We’ll be On Our Way…

  • Rangers
  • Philadelphia
  • Toronto

Are these teams talented? Yep. Do these teams have some playoff experience? You bet. Have they been Jekyll and Hyde all season? Sure. What is common about these three is they are all teams the B’s have disposed of in the playoffs throughout the past few seasons. Toronto, the most common opponent is like the kid at recess Boston always picks on. The playoffs. This Season doesn’t matter. The B’s are clearly in the Leafs’ heads (anyone know the girl at the: 33 mark?), and a mental block can be tougher to deal with than a skilled or physical one.

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