Turkey Day Preview

It’s that time of year again. Time for us all to act like the Pilgrims did back in  the 1400’s or something. I’m sure they all settled in to watch the Detroit Lions play every Thanksgiving like the rest of us. Why do the Lions get to play every Thanksgiving? Last time I checked, Thanksgiving was not invented in Detroit.

Green Bay @ Detroit

This is actually a huge game for both teams, which could make for an interesting kick-off starting at 12:30. Green Bay is on their like 5th QB this year with Rodgers going down. However, Matt Flynn came in last week and looked pretty strong, bringing the Pack back against Minnesota. The Lions are coming off a tough loss to the Buccaneers…woof. Both squads need a win, as that division is going to come down to the wire. Both defenses are trying to find their way and I can see this one being a bit of shootout.

I know Flynn is the QB, but I feel like he’s got something to prove, and no better way to prove yourself then to do it on the main stage.  Calvin Johnson is going to have a day, tough analysis right there huh.  However, I think the Pack win this one by a shoe.

Prediction: Packers, 31 – Lions, 28.

Fantasy Spin: Nate Burleson. Yes, the same Nate Burleson who got into a car accident trying to save a pizza from falling off the seat…yea, that guy. He came back last week and had a pretty strong game. Calvin will be getting doubled, giving  Nate a chance to clean up.

Oakland @ Dallas


I honestly don’t know how this game is going to play out. Dallas is coming off a big win against the Giants and will be looking to take another step towards the playoffs. While I still feel Romo is going to do something stupid, per usual, he is playing the Raiders. The Raiders are all over the place, and I don’t see Matt McGloin winning on the road in Big D.

Prediction: Dallas, 28 – Raiders, 17.

Fantasy Spin: Rashad Jennings. He’s played great with Darren McFadden out of the lineup. The Cowboys don’t have the greatest defense in the world, so he could chow. In a hostile environment McGloin could be looking to lean on Jennings. There is a chance McFadden comes back, but he goes down easier than Derrick Rose. So we’ll keep an eye on that.

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore


This game has blah written all over it to me. Baltimore has been up and down all season. Ray Rice has been brutal, I know this because he is on my fantasy team and was my first pick, so thanks for that Ray. With that said, Big Ben has started finally throwing the ball and the Steelers seem to be headed in the right direction winning 3 in a row. Both teams sit at 5-6 and while it will be tough to win on the road, I think the Steelers pull this one out in a close one.

Prediction: Steelers, 23 – Ravens, 17

Fantasy Spin: Ray Rice. Not a stretch by any means here, but he owes me something. I think he gets 2 touchdowns and eats a turkey leg at the end of this tilt. Please Ray, PLEASE!

So there you have it those are my predictions. Chances are I’m horribly wrong and nothing I’ve just posted will be right. Or, everything I posted will be spot on and I’ll take a shot of Fireball and shake my head approvingly while re-reading this post. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!

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