Brady spoils us yet again

(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Last night could have easily ended in one of the greatest ties of all time. If it wasn’t for Wes Welker giving the late “fire” call on the punt return, we would probably be talking about how the NFL needs a new overtime format. But thanks to Wes and that poor bastard Tony Carter, the Pats are looking like the beast in the AFC. A few things from last night:

The Steven Ridley project continued..

Nobody is rooting against Ridley here but it gets tough to see him put the ball on the ground in huge inopportune moments. Makes it even harder to watch because he is such an explosive and strong back. But, as history tells us, you fumble under Bill’s watch your ass is getting pulled. Just ask Blount.  He fumbled because he get knocked unconscious before he hit the ground and was immediately given a puffy coat on the sideline. Despite the #1 back being yanked, Branden Bolden stepped up nicely with 58 yards on the ground and a touchdown. It’s going to be interesting to see what Bill does with Ridley moving forward.

Young gun LB’s

Tough to say any of the linebackers played stellar while allowing Moreno rush for 224 yards but there were stand out young studs that had breakout games. Rookie backer Jamie Collins and Dane Fletcher set the tone defensively as both guys were flying around all night making plays. For Collins, this has been the most hes played all year as he slated 10 tackles. Fletch tacked on 7 tackles as these two guys are finally giving some speed and athleticism to a group of brick shit house linebackers.

Aqib Talib

It still doesn’t look like the great Talib is 100% healthy but that’s the scary part. Even with the hip thing that is still lingering, he limited Demaryius Thomas to just four catches for 40 yards. He could be the MVP of this team if there wasn’t a golden god behind center.

Tom Brady


This was Brady’s greatest comeback and it came in his 14th season. There isn’t much else you can say about the guy. He’s playing his best ball when it matters. Over the last three games hes averaged 357 yards in the air and slung 8 TD passes. As elite as you can be at the position. Always makes it sweeter when the Papa Johns advertising whore (Peyton) only dishes 150 yards with a QB rating of 28. Brady 10 – Peyton 4 in this lifetime match up.

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