Sunday Pats vs Broncos preview, take a look at this guy..

Jammers, Chief here. So Sunday is another showdown of Manning vs. Brady.  I don’t know about you but I’m very excited to see the Pats coming off a horsesh** call go up against Manning and a much less important concussed Wes Welker.  They always seem to play better when something bad has happened the week before. I’m not scared of the pass attack, or the Thomas dynamos, or even the E! network D list “superstar” Eric Decker. I’m scared of one thing however, Orlando Franklin, the offensive lineman that protects Peyton.


I mean look at this freakin’ guy.  Are you kidding me? You are telling me this guy comes up to you and grunts you don’t piss and schart your pants immediately!? Whether he is a talented lineman or not make no difference.   At 6’7, 340 pounds this guy is literally shaped like a double door KitchenAid fridge. If I’m Rob Ninkovich I am closing my eyes on every pass rush just so I don’t have to lock eyes with that blank stare. Orlando reminds me of something familiar from childhood…

Chief out.

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