Bear hug gate


You can’t come back to the ball if you’re being bear hugged. Can’t compete for the ball if you’re being bear hugged. Its really that simple what it comes to the blown pass interference call last night that ended the game. There is nothing more to say about the flag being picked up. The fact that the refs ran off the field with no explanation just adds more confusion to the horrendous call.

With that being said, a few things from last night…

Brady was fire

If it wasn’t for that blown call, the talk of the town today would be that Brady drove the ball 80 yards in 59 seconds in the fourth quarter to win the game. He went 29/40 for 296 and a TD and one fake interception at the end of the game. Brady picked apart the best defense in the league by hitting seven different Patriots receivers. He also lost his mind on the refs running off the field. I know I’m not speaking for myself but good or bad, seeing Brady go berserk is pure ecstasy.

The Steven Ridley Project

Is Ridley an exciting and powerful back? Of course. But he fumbled in a crucial red zone chance that cost the Pats points. After that, it was Blount trama for the majority of the game until Ridley was given a second chance late in the second half. Bill doesn’t care how good you are, if you put the ball on the ground he’ll ship your ass out of town like you have tsars.

Talib vs. Smith

Started from the opening snap with these two guys. It reminded me of a new age battle of Charles Woodson vs. David Boston. Punches, jawing, and I’m sure tons of expletives. It was two hot heads at their best. And Smith won in the end. I don’t know how any NFL player can compete with these two players in individual battles. Trash talking alone, it would be a massacre.

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