Jabroni of the Week: Dwayne Bowe


Congratulations Mr. Bowe because you are this week’s Jabroni of the Week.  Dwayne Bowe earned the award following his arrest for speeding and possession of marijuana.  Bowe signed a new contract in March with $26 million guaranteed so he isn’t worried about much these days.  It’s also reported that he asked the arresting officer if Sonic was still open.  Granted that Sonic’s Cherry limeade is bomb, probably not the best question to ask a police officer after getting pulled over for speeding and suspicion of marijuana possession.  Even though all this happened this past Sunday, Bowe is still expected to play against the Broncos on Sunday night.  On a side note, if I was Sonic I would reach out to Bowe immediately to film a Sonic commercial.  Quick plot line, Bowe and those two other white dudes driving around Kansas City, they pick up Andy Reid and they all go to Sonic.  Pretty basic plot but I take it there’s not much going on in Kansas City to begin with.

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