Ed Reed New England Bound?

Is Ed Reed on his way to New England? Experts and analysts say no, but this Jam staff member says Yes! Obviously I’m not basing this on any insider information, but everyone is well aware of the love that Bill Belichick has for Mr. Reed. Is Ed Reed getting older? You better believe it. Has he lost a step or two? You bet your bacon he has. Do I care? No, not really. It’s Ed Reed. It’s not like he would be coming here to play every snap, although, I’m sure he still could.

If you take a gander at the upcoming schedule for New England, you will see two teams on there that jump right out. Houston and Baltimore are on that upcoming schedule. Now, wouldn’t a certain someone maybe like to suit up against two of his former teams? I’m not saying anything, I’m just listing facts. There isn’t a Patriot that currently wears #20, so we have that to hang our hat on as well.

You might be sitting there saying, “didn’t Belichick like another big name player that we ended up bringing in?” If you said that, you would be correct. Remember the old Chad Ochocinco-Johnson experiment? Yea, well that was more or less  god awful.

In this video below, Belichick and Brady are game planning for Baltimore. Bill goes on for two minutes about how much he likes Ed. Brady also acknowledges Reed’s talent. Also, if Ed Reed does come to New England, I will eat my hat.


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