Pissed or pumped the Celtics have won four in a row?

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Quick fan overview of the Celtics 2013 season so far -nobody really knows what the hell is going on. This team was supposed to lose and lose badly all year. A small four game win streak makes you think tanking is harder than planned.

The easy route to go is to say this Celtics team is overachieving. They played Orlando twice in the last four days and an unmotivated Heat team. I for one pegged this team as a minus thirty win team. And I still stand by that.

But to make things interesting, what if this team is actually a decent squad with unproven rookies and veterans? Like I did, its pretty easy to label a team “shitty” just because the roster has guys on it that either rotted on terrible teams for the majority of their career’s or you couldn’t name at gunpoint.

Case and point, Vitor Faverani and Gerald Wallace. One guy is a 25 year old rookie who has been playing pro ball in Europe since he was 14 years old. Thats a tough age to be thrown into a mens locker room. And the other guy played under the egomaniac Michael Jordan in Charlotte for seven seasons. Seven seasons of being on a bottom three team.

So by checking out this team at a quick glance and seeing guys like Faverani, Wallace, Pressey, Crawford, Olynyk fill out the roster, its easy to say this team is a bunch of losers. I won’t go that far but its tough to make it deep in the NBA with a group of “eh” ball players. But it might, and I say that quietly, be that some of these players are getting a fresh opportunity to play in a big sports town where people actually give a shit. That can regenerate a players career.

Throw in a bushy eyed young head coach that breaks down games statistically better than anyone else and you might have something here.

Eight games in and I can’t believe I’m almost talking myself into rooting for this team. I still stand by my word though and think they will fold at some point. That would be in thier best interest. That isn’t the fan speaking, it’s the realist. Because a 35 win team in the NBA is as good as being cursed. Not bad enough to hit the lotto and not good enough to win.

By the way, is crackhead Crawford the best new point guard in the league now? 16 points, 10 assists, and 5 rebounds last night…

One thought on “Pissed or pumped the Celtics have won four in a row?

  1. CHart says:

    The realist is right, Moose. This team has to lose and it has to lose a lot. They need to be a 20 win team. The win over the Heat was NBA Finals for the Celtics. It was a big win and I must admit that it brought a smile to my face, but winning is not good for this organization right now.

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