WWE Superstars’ Bench Press

The WWE twitter account tweeted an article asking WWE superstars the most meathead question they could ask “So how much you bench?”, and the answers are ridiculous.  I’m not sure if these numbers are inflated at all but some of the wrestlers have insane upper body strength, no homo.  Here are some of the highlights from the article.

Ryback: 550 lbs

Nicknamed the Silver Back, Ryback has been a physical specimen since he arrived to the WWE.  Often compared to Goldberg, Ryback is no slouch in the weightroom.  My advice is that if Jammers ever see him in the gym, don’t approach him.  The only thing you should do is a post set head nod, in terms of Ryback’s social interaction thats as a good as a hand shake and conversation about your hopes and dreams.

Kane: 525 lbs

The Big Red Machine max bench press is 500 and a quarter which is pretty impressive for a guy that seven feet tall.  I wonder if he benches with his mask on?

John Cena: 465 lbs

Probably the most popular WWE superstar, John Cena has numerous videos of him lifting online.  465 lbs is impressive, but the his main strength comes from other lifts such as Olympic lifts and deadlifts.

Big E Langston: 575 lbs

A former Iowa football player and power lifter, Big E Langston had the biggest max out of all of the wrestlers polled.  Built like a bowling ball Big E is not the tallest superstar, but by weight-room standard he is probably the strongest.

Big Show: 500lbs x 12

This is just absurd.  The Big Show is over seven feet and weights probably close to 500 lbs.  The Big Show could easily not workout for three years walk into any gym in America and be the strongest guy there.  The fact that he can throw this much weight around is insane, even for Captain Insano.

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