Tag Team Match: Ryan Brothers vs Harbaugh Brothers

After this past weekend’s game between the Saints and Jets there was a lot of hype of the two Ryan brothers squaring off against each other. The media always tries to hype up the game trying to make the coaches’ rivalry bigger than the actual game. Last Superbowl the Harbaugh brothers went face to face and I had to hear interviews with the Harbaugh parents, just awful. But this got me thinking, what would happen if the brothers had a tag team match to decide what brothers were the premier coaching duo in the NFL. Here are the bios.

ryan bros

The Ryan Brother:

Alias: R&R

Combined Weight: 650 lbs

Theme Music: Reverend Horton Heat – Eat Steak

Finishing Move: Double Splash

Wrestling Attire: Overalls

Wrestling Style: Do anything to win, cheap shots, hidden foreign objects


The Harbaugh Brother:

Alias: The Harbaughs

Combined Weight:  400 lbs

Theme Music: Shot Through the Heart- Bon Jovi

Finishing Move: Double Moonsault

Wrestling Attire: Bright Red and Purple Leather Stripped Pants

Wrestling Style: Classic, technical , great team chemistry

Match Results:

Ryan brothers enter the ring both eating a cheese steak.  Rex makes Rob hold his while he battles Jim first.  The match is dominated by Jim who has a great advantage over Rex with his speed and athleticism.  Unseen by the referee, Rex hits a low blow allowing him to make the tag to Rob.  While Rex distracts the referee, Rob hits Jim with the remains of the cheese steaks temporarily dazing him.  Rob demonstrates his fat man strength with numerous body slams and suplexes.   Trying to end the match Rob attempts a body splash, Jim wiggles away at the last second tagging John.  John storms into the ring landing three drop kicks in a row before putting Rob into an ankle lock.  Right before Rob taps out, Peyton and Eli Manning emerge from the crowd.  Rex distracts the referee as Peyton hits John with his patented “5-head Headbutt” knocking him unconscious long enough for the three count and a R&R victory.

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