Thursday Night Wagering

Have you ever bet on pucks? You haven’t? Well, you should start. Sometimes there is actual value in betting on hockey because well, Vegas tends to see other stuff as more important. I am going to give you a football play for all you suffering degens out there at the half way point of the season, but the first is hockey where I see a little value tonight:

Ottawa +100 (Even Money) vs. Montreal

You’re not laying any juice with Ottawa and they are at home, despite their poor home record tonight marks the beginning of a 5 game home stand where they will try to dig their skates in and start making their move on the Orr Atlantic Division. This also marks the first time since last year’s epic and brutal first round 5 game Ottawa beat down that these teams will get together.

Oklahoma +14,15,16? WHEN WILL IT STOP GOING UP?

Money coming in on Baylor hard but where is it coming from? When was the last time Baylor was this much of a favorite over a team like Oklahoma? Answer: Probably Never. Hold out and wait for the line to keep steaming up, you might get Oklahoma on a nicer number than you would have earlier in the week.


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