This Blackhawks Fan Rules


Normally, I don’t like to say good things about teams that beat you in the Stanley Cup Finals but I have turned over a new leaf. Last night, The Chicago Blackhawks were playing the Winnipeg Jets and Adam Pardy gets crushed into the boards, causing the glass to break. The glass didn’t shatter, but it basically threw Pardy into the first row.

Enter super wasted Blackhawks fan. This guy, absolutely out of his tree, stumbles down to the scene and promptly takes Pardy’s helmet off his head. The great thing about that is, the chin strap is still on Pardy’s helmet. This guy literally ripped the helmet right off. He then staggers back to his seat, and deservedly so, gives a fist pump to the crowd.

He then tries to adjust his new lid. Unfortunately it falls off and he spills some of his beer. So, here’s to you man, you have raised the fan interference bar for all of us, and we here at the Jam salute you.

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