Boychuk Drops The Hammer

Johnny laid a huge hit on Erik Cole in last night’s game. After Boychuk dropped Cole, he knew someone would be coming for him. That someone was Vernon Fiddler. Boychuk tackled Fiddler and threw him down. It was awesome. You want to know what wasn’t awesome? The outcome of the game.

Old friends Tyler Seguin and Rich Peverley ended up single-handedly winning the game for Dallas last night. A big kick in the pants, indeed. The Bruins dominated the first period last night, but ultimately fell into a lull, allowing Dallas to tie the game on penalty shot late in the third period. The game went into a shootout, which led to Seguin scoring a beautiful shootout goal. Rich Peverley then ended the shootout with a shot that beat Tuukka.

The Bruins need to step their game up like you read about. The ex-Bruins tour continues this week, with Tim Thomas visiting Thursday.

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