Just realize that we have Tom Brady

Last night’s Monday Night football game that involved the Bears and Packers was just another reminder of how lucky New England fans are to have Tom Brady as quarterback.

Watching Seneca Wallace and Josh McCown throw the ball all over the field makes you realize how difficult it is to be an elite quarterback in the NFL. When the instant replay pans to the end zone view and you get a chance to see what an NFL defense looks like in a blitz package, you gain respect for the position. I mean it’s complete mayhem. At best the QB has a five step drop before getting decapitating by animals that have been physically training for ten months to stomp on your neck. If you account for the crowd, sitting back In a pocket that collapses by the millisecond, it tops the list as the most difficult position in professional sports.

Having said that, Brady’s year has definitely been “un Brady” like. His yards per game average has been terrible and his touchdowns have been down. But he continues to win with a d1AA group of receivers that look like they are coming around?

But Sunday was great. It was satisfying. Like using your shower towel in the morning and it not being wet from the night before. Just a real warm sensation.

Because that is what this guy is capable of. Every year. Having the chance to be the best in the league at this position is insane. The preparation, the mindset, the toughness- all that while being a Hollywood pretty boy rock star beloved by the blue collared dunkin donuts lumberjack.

You know it’s historic when any guy in New England would turn gay for a minute for tom Brady. “Oh Brady? I mean, I wouldn’t say no. ”

Thirteen years of non stop excellence and turning carpenters and mechanics into homosexuals. Soak it in while it lasts.


One thought on “Just realize that we have Tom Brady

  1. CHart says:

    I don’t like to agree with you Moose, but I will. Patriot fans are incredibly lucky to have Tom Brady under center regardless of his number this year because there just aren’t that many good quarterbacks out there. You would think that with 32 starting quarterback jobs on the planet that you would be able to find 32 people out of 7.1 billion that could play the position at a high level. Clearly that isn’t the case, especially when guys Josh Freeman and blast from the past Jason Campbell have starting jobs. There are a number of QB’s in the NFL that belong on the practice squad, but are finding starting jobs, so what gives? Are NFL teams just taking stabs in the dark, grasping straws? I know you can’t throw a football to save your life..cause you know, you played defense and all, (want some ice for that burn?) but I’d take you over a guy like Brandon Weeden. Welcome back!

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