A pretty shitty Celtics home opener set for tonight


The saying “They only lost by how much? That’s not so bad” will be on repeat this year when talking about this Celtics team.

If anyone watched the opener on Wednesday night in between a boring World Series clincher, you could see the gaping holes in this squad.

rondoCrackhead Crawford is playing far too many minutes, Avery Bradley doesn’t have a gear below five, and Gerald Wallace is assuming the role as the mediocre veteran that’s constantly pissed off at his teammates.

You can make the argument that the bigs are a promising group with rookies Olynyk and Faverani, but that’s like digging through city trash to find a half decent bear claw.

The shittiness of this team is truly profound. Walking into the garden and seeing monster framed portraits of Celtics greats like Bird, Parish, McHale and then looking to the right to the 2014 team of Jeff Green, Rondo, and Avery Bradley really puts things in perspective. Because about a year ago the only thing you heard about Jeff Green was that he was talented but scared. Avery’s defense has definitely overshadowed his wild point guard play. And Rondo, well, Rondo’s good. Love him.

And tonight will be the first night Boston will see this team play at home. It’s not shocking this team is so bad, everyone expected that. But its finally sinking in that we have officially entered the new age “Eric Montross” era of Celtics basketball.

In other news around the league, Ray Allen is still evil.

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