Best Paper Airplane Ever?

The Red Sox recorded a huge win last night, and will look to the put the series away at home on Wednesday. However, a certain question has to be asked about an interesting occurrence regarding a flying paper plane. That question being,  just how impressive was that paper airplane toss? It was damn impressive. I mean that is one hell of paper airplane, it reached the pitcher’s mound. If you look closely, you can see John Lester asking the Cardinals ball boy to hold on to it for him. He also gave the ball boy his Ebay account information, and told him to “sell that immediately.” Remember in science class when you’d spend like a week trying to make a paper plane that would fly the farthest? Well I do, granted I was in all lower level science classes, but regardless, that plane last night was expertly crafted.

All this talk about paper airplanes makes me think of our old friend M.I.A. She of course made a song about the art of flying paper planes. I wonder what she’s doing now? Probably preparing a “paper airplanes 2” jam, with it loosely being based off of last night. I leave you with her musical stylings below. LET’S GO SOX.

One thought on “Best Paper Airplane Ever?

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