In What Ridiculous Way Will Game 5 End Tonight?

For the love of Jeff, how ridiculous has this World Series been? I mean you’ve got a walk-off obstruction win, followed by the pick off heard ’round the world. This World Series has been nothing but exciting, and I don’t see how game 5 will be any different.

Top 10 possible outcomes of how this game will end.

10. Wild pitch.

9. Pinch hit RBI single.

8. Fan interference of some sort.

7. Someone gets thrown out from centerfield at home plate.

6. Triple play.

5. Homerun bouncing off someones head and over the fence, ask Jose Canseco about that one.

4. Walk-off grand slam.

3. As Carlos Beltran rounds third, home plate is uncovered for some mysterious reason, 5 feet before he scores the winning run, he is struck by lightning, and is tagged out by David Ross. Beltran will be fine, it’s October, so the lightning was colder than it normally would be.

2. Suicide squeeze.

1. As the game approaches the 23rd inning, David Ortiz introduces the idea of an old-fashioned rock, paper, scissor-off, to determine the winner. Of course, Koji Uehara will be nominated for the Sox in this situation. If Koji wasn’t a pitcher, he would have gone into the professional rock, paper, scissor circuit, which has always been his first love.


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