Restrooms Are For Customers Only…

CedricMaxwell1That means YOU Cedric Maxwell!!

Jammers, Chief here. Last night as I was walking to a favorite watering hole to get some beverages to watch (what turned out to be a brutal loss, what pitcher can’t make a throw from home to 3rd base?!?!?) the Sox in Game 2 of the World Series.  As I turn the corner I see a gargantuan human in a beautiful pin stripe suit (seriously nice, no Marshall’s rack here) enter the bar before me.  At the hostess stand he didn’t even hesitate, “Miss, where is your bathroom?” The man asking that question was the one and only former Celtic player and current Celtic game time commentator Cedric Maxwell.  The hostess points him the direction of the bathroom and the man nearly hits his head on the low ceiling on his way to relieve himself (the dude is massive).  Now in most cases (and Chief has been in this scenario many many times) I would have done the same thing: ask for the bathroom, do my business, and sprint out of the place like I just robbed it before anyone asked any questions.  But if you are Cedric freaking Maxell, how do you not try and get a free beer? Shake some hands (after you wash them of course)? Comment on how the bathroom was well lit and clean and you will most likely use it again in the future but yet refuse to give the bar any business? What a waste of celebrity power….

That being said, the manager was not phased as he asked for a picture with “Max” on his way out of the restaurant.  Let’s all be happy the manager didn’t try and get that candid celebrity shot in the bathroom.

Nice work Cedric, see you on the sidelines this season. Chief out.

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