Flashback Friday: McMahoning At The Beach


Guar woke up freezing this morning, and is already missing summer. So here’s a flashback to this summer to hopefully brighten up Jammers’ miserable cold start to the day.

Situation: You’re at the beach on a glorious summer’s day, catching in the rays, riding the waves, discreetly scanning the scene for babes through your sunglasses…Anyways when it’s time to take a stroll to the water, why do what every other guy does and tiptoe towards the ocean.  Nothing proves your machismo more than McMahoning through cold ocean waters when other guys are testing out the temperature.  Guar experimented with McMahoning at the beach last summer, and let me tell you Jammers I raised some eyebrows.  Sure I didn’t talk to one female all summer, but I sure damn did look confident.  On the bright-side I have all winter and spring to polish my McMahoning at the beach form.


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