Have fun showering next to Andre Carter Joe Vellano


The New England Patriots added to their defense yesterday as they resigned defensive end Andre Carter.  Carter is coming off a forgettebale season with the Raiders last year as he only posted 2.5 sacks and 19 tackles.  Not even close to his 2011 year with the Pats that boasted 10 sacks and 52 tackles before getting injured.

Carter is 34 but still looks like a statue.  A veiny, black, statue.

The Pats hope Carter will help the D-Line that is down two massive bodies in WIlfork and Kelly.  He’d also add some definition.  Body definition.

As of right now the Pats line consists of rookies Joe Vellano and Chris Jones who quite frankly, are doing a hell of a job filling in for Wilfork.  But I’m pretty sure these rookies have never seen a man like this walking through the locker room.  Vellano and Jones are both big guys (300 plus pounds respectively), but Carter is one vein away from being tested for every drug on the block.  They just need to stick to the basic rules of locker room showering – eyes ahead.


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