5 Boston Bars to Watch Game 1

Chief is back and he’s got Red Sox fever. That’s right Jammers, the World Series starts tonight.  This unique scenario creates the most important question one must ask himself: “Where in the hell do I go to watch the game and get some good food, since I am WAY too cheap to buy tickets?”  The Jam is here to help with it’s top 5 spots around the city to watch Game 1:

  1. Game On: No doubt will be one of the two most popular places (and will definitely have a line to get in) in the city for those not going into Fenway.  Located right next to the park the atmosphere here is awesome. I recommend going to the downstairs bar as there are many more TV’s and a much bigger space to get drunk and weird.  No one will notice when you scream “YAY MIKE GREENWELL!” For food repeat after me: Pitchers, Pizza, Nachos, repeat.  You don’t need to order anything else. You’re welcome.
  2. Cask’ n Flagon: Across the street from Game On and tied for most popular place to watch the game. Named one of the best sports bar in the country (ranked #1 at some point but does that really matter?). Tons of tv’s, overflow Red Sox crowd, and as many fake/bandwagon fans as the eye can see, but still a great place to watch the game. For food: Wings and beer, keep it simple and take a Zantac before you go.Image
  3. The Fours: That’s right we are going across the city. No Fenway crowd, no lines, just one of the best sports bars in the world with 3 floors of TV entertainment and memorabilia. Right across from the Garden it will be a great spot for the first few games as no one will be looting or rioting in the streets after a Game 1 win. For food: beer, buffalo chicken nachos, and the Bobby Orr steak tip sub.
  4. Waterfront Bar and Grille: Right in the North End it’s a prime time hangout for die hard sports fans. No Pink Hats, no problem. Smaller bar so get there early, but they have a TV on literally every wall space that is available. For food: Steak Tip entrée with the beer batter fries and onion ring combo, and as many Budweiser bottles you can drinks…AMERICA!
  5. King’s Back Bay: Look at some point we all realize that baseball is sometimes painful to watch. Distract yourself with some bowling and pool while these pitchers take 2-3 minutes between pitches. Plus its half way to Fenway so if you want to go get weird at the bars by the park after the game, you are in walking distance. For food: Miller Lite pitchers, cheeseburger pizza, and Cajun fries. Again, you’re welcome.

As for Chief, I will be on my couch. I can’t watch a game at any of these places in my underwear so why bother moving? Plus having my own porcelain throne at my disposal? Yup that sounds good enough to me. Chief out, GO SOX.

2 thoughts on “5 Boston Bars to Watch Game 1

  1. Mary Lou Whitney says:

    If you live on Beacon Hill, the bar at Toscano is civilized and great.
    For hardcore try the Sevens or Tip Tap Room

    I like civil but my male friends don’t, so I watched first five innings of game one at Toscano
    Go sox
    I’m happy I stayed home to watch game two as I would have been depressed
    He should have left Lackey in
    And the Cardinals are babies and big whiners

    I may take your advice and go The Fours in Saturday
    Do they have Belvedere Vodka?
    That’s my drink to get drunk

  2. Trishika says:

    It’s unfortunate that the game ended in a very qubntiosaele call with less then 3 minutes left in a tied playoff hockey game for me. In my eyes, a call that late in the game is only made in very certain circumstances. But on top of that, throw salt in the wound and have TT give up a terrible short side goal like that. Couldn’t believe the rebound he gave up on the prior goad to on a soft shot.Mike, I would love to see Khodobin in there, believe me but it will never happen. I’m so damn pumped to watch that kid give Tukka a run when TT decides to hang it up.Nice to see Marshy finally come out with a fire on his ass. To bad it wasn’t contagious.Do or die now boys, usually the time we see the real Bruins start to play some hockey.

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