Weekend Recap: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good

Red Sox

The Red Sox finished off the Tigers to advance to the World Series.  Shane Victorino’s grand slam was easily the highlight of the weekend. Although Victorino struggled offensively throughout the series, at the sound of contact I thought the ball was going to hit the Citgo sign. The Cardinals fly to town for games one and two and I know the environment is going to be insane because “this is our fuc*ing city”.

Although many people were focused on the Red Sox win Saturday night, the Bruins easily beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 5-0. Tuukka Rask posted the first shutout of the young season and the offense was supported by goals from Krejci, McQuaid, Bergeron, Chris Kelly, and Shawn Thornton capped off an offensive domination.

The Bad

Is there anything worse than losing to the Jets? Seriously? I wouldn’t mind losing to any other team, but a loss to the Jets is like a Marv getting hit repeatedly with bricks from four stories up. After I realized what actually happened I couldn’t help but notice all the tweets from Jets’ bandwagon fans, aka Giants fans. I get it you beat the Pats, great win for a rookie quarterback. I would say act like you been there before, but frankly the Jets haven’t. Suck brick Jets’ fans.

Home Alone 2Daniel Stern as Marv

The Ugly
The infamous “push rule” is now known nation wide. You have to feel for Chris Jones. A rookie that stepped up big time yesterday, got a sack, played his heart out, but now is referee training teach tape for the push rule. In all honestly he was probably doing exactly what he was coached to do on a must block situation. I wouldn’t mind losing if we got out played, but to lose on a technicality is a shot in the family jewels.

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