Mike Napoli Has to Be Shovel Guy’s Distant Relative


The Red Sox pulled off a close one last night and a lot of that victory was due to the great play of Mike Napoli.  The bearded man was 3-4 with a home-run and two RBI.  After watching his second inning homerun I couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance he has to the Shovel Guy in Home Alone.  Fast forward thirty years and tell me that Napoli won’t look like Shovel Guy.  Not only do they look alike, they both  have a serious swing.  The Shovel Guy, aka Old Man Marley, knocks out the Wet Bandits with only two swings of his mystical shovel.  All I know is that the Sox are one win away from the World Series and hopefully Napoli channels his inner Marley and knocks another one out of the park.


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