Jabroni of the Week: The Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns Vs. St. Louis Rams 11-13-2011

New England Patriots fans are spoiled. I know it, you know it, all of Pats Nation knows it.  We expect to win every single Sunday.  When the Pats lose is like its the biggest upset in sports history.   I really don’t remember the last time I sat down to watch the Pats and thought there was a good chance we could lose this game.   The Cleveland Browns  go into games saying “hey maybe we have a chance this week” – must be terrible.  But recently the Browns have been, well,  the Browns.  Even though this award could go to this franchise every week, there are two reasons especially why the Cleveland Browns are this week’s Jabroni of the Week.

1) Starting QB Ad on Craigslist

It must be tough being the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.  Every time a new starter takes the field the Browns’ fan base thinks that this one is the savior of the franchise.   When Cleveland drafted Brandon Weeden they knew he was not a long term quarterback, its like putting a band-aid on a flesh wound.  The Browns’ faithful PLAY-60-KIDare fed up with their quarterback play post Bryan Hoyer’s season ending injury.  They are so emotionally destroyed  that one fan put an ad for the starting quarterback position on Craigslist.  I know this isn’t a serious inquiry, but the Brown’s fans are hopeless at this point.  Start loosening your arm Play 60 kid, because you could be the next starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, the fans are that desperate.

2) Signed Player With A Torn ACL

The Browns signed Wide Receiver Charles Johnson from the Packers practice squad.  Awesome they have a reserved wide-out, but I guess the Browns’ management didn’t do a background check.  Johnson tore his ACL and is unable to play the rest of the season.  After figuring this out the Browns tried to release him, but because of free agency rules since he was on the Packers’ practice squad he has to remain on the Browns for three weeks.  I wonder how much he will get paid to live in Cleveland for almost 21 days, the Browns front office probably gave him The Drew Carey Show box set and called it a day.

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