Erin Andrews Hates Herself For Justin Bieber Mix-Up


Everyone is talking about Erin Andrews’ post game interview, when she mistakenly said Justin Bieber’s name instead of Justin Verlanders. Instead of talking about the power outage, or the unreal pitching duel between John Lackey and Justin Verlander, America is focused on a name mix-up. She immeditaley tweeted this after the interview to prepare herself for the shit storm that is soon to follow.

Picture 1

I can’t wait for SportCenter to get ahold on this one. I can see it now “Now we turn to Stephen A Smith who says Justin Bieber could play in the NBA if he was 6’2”. I mean it was a simple mix-up and the more I hear about it the angrier I’ll get. Quick question for Jammers, do people forget that Justin Bieber is Canadian…..just saying. Deuces, Guar

One thought on “Erin Andrews Hates Herself For Justin Bieber Mix-Up

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