Which NFL player gets injured with this TD Celebration


The end zone somersault is one of the most awesome, stupid, and trending touchdown celebrations running.  Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin recently banned end zone somersaults for his team after seeing his wide out Emmanuel Sanders flip into the end zone after a strike from Big Ben.  Tomlin called the celebration “silly” and “unnecessary”.  From a coaches standpoint, he’s right.  But from a fan’s stand point, hes wrong.  That 55 yard bomb above was awesome.  But with a flip involved at the end, it was electric.

And if I know anything about professional athletes, they will do almost anything to be talked about in the hallways of corporate America on Mondays in order to stay relevant (see Riley Cooper at concert from July).

So because of that, heres who I have my remaining Bar Mitzvah money on to break a leg or two with this celebration by the end of the year:

Bates tdAny Special Teams Player:

Besides kick and punt returners, not many special teamers like gunners or front line blockers will see the end-zone.  So when they do, they want to be seen.  Daren Bates, first year back up linebacker out of Auburn recovered a fumble during a kickoff against the Texans last Sunday and scored his first NFL TD.  He did so of course by hurling his body into the end-zone (left), landing shoulder first into the ground.  I’m pretty sure when he got up he flashed gang signs but what the hell do I know.

DeSean Jackson:

He’s done it before so I assume he’s bound to do it again. That and his history of prematurely celebrating before the end-zone makes him a pretty good horse to throw some old interest earning money on.

Robert Griffin III

I don’t have a whole lot of evidence against RG3 besides the fact that he refuses to slide or take care of his body on the field. That and his on again off again feud with his permanent bar tan of a coach Mike Shanahan might factor in at some point:

Tyrann Mathieu aka Honey Badger

Drug tested multiple times a week for pot can get to a man. Thats why the next time Honey Badger sees the end zone he’s most likely acting out the only way he knows how by flipping his sober ass across the goal line.
Great play from earlier this year by the way –

Aaron Dobson

Patriots rookie wide-out Aaron Dobson can be a very dangerous weapon – if he catches the ball. Adopting the nickname “Drop-son” aint easy for any rookie to hear, but Dobson has had multiple missed catches from Brady that included a monster fourth down drop last Sunday against the Saints. That’s why if Dobson gets in the end-zone again hes more than likely launching his body through the air due to pure excitement that he held on to the damn football.

Hopefully he returns to preseason shorts and shoulder pads form soon..


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