So apparently James Ihedigbo was/is a fitness model


Did you know Ihedigbo was named one of the sexiest guys in the 2013 Super Bowl?  Neither did I.

The former Patriot had a pretty forgetful year in the New England secondary in 2011, playing alongside mediocre players like Sterling Moore and Pat Chung.  Both are no longer wearing a Patriots uniform.

This issue of Krave Fit (?) was released in 2011 but there are talks Ihedigbo still does fitness modeling on the side.  Wouldn’t you?  Guy looks like a statue.

He’s having one of his better seasons as a strong safety this year which makes you think its only a matter of time until her gets popped for something illegal.

Zoo mass represent..


2 thoughts on “So apparently James Ihedigbo was/is a fitness model

  1. Merut says:

    Yeah, tough to judge Seguin completely yet. I don’t see many fcerod passes but definitely a ton of fcerod shots. Once he realizes he can probably take 90% of the D to task, driving to the net, the game’s gonna open up for him. Right now the D is pressing him at the blueline, and he’s giving in by shooting. That will change once he takes a guy wide, beating him clean to the net a couple times. Then we’ll see him given more space at the blueline .At this point it’s nearly impossible to compare him to the Hall’s, Coture’s and Skinner’s. Seguin has been bounced around every line, getting about 12 minutes a game and little to no PP opportunity.Couture plays 18 minutes, most of them now with Heatley. Skinner plays 17 minutes, many of them with Staal, and Hall plays 18 mins on Edm’s top line as well.To be lame and calculate stats, if Seguin was simply playing 18 minutes, ignoring he doesn’t play top-line or PP mins, he would be at 24 points arguably. Three behind Hall.Regardless of any of that, Seguin had one less year in Junior than Hall and is honing skills that will take a little more time to develop at an NHL level, including finding his physical game. Something he rarely had to depend on in his Jr career. Otherwise, I have been more than impressed with what we’ve seen so far!

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