Saints’ Flight Entertainment After Horrible Loss


Let’s face it, we knew when the Saints came marching into Foxboro that this game would not be easy. After Brady’s fourth quarter interception I thought we were done, until I realized there was still time left. Fighting the urge to turn the game off and watch a Duck Dynasty marathon, I figured I watched the remaining couple minutes, and the rest is history. Rob Ryan’s face said it all, and the only thing that would make the long trip back to New Orleans tolerable is a prime movie selection. Here is the list of the top five DVDs that the Saints probably watched to lift their beaten and broken sprits.

1. Bedazzled
Elliot Richards might be one the only person on Earth that feels more pathetic than the Saint’s defense right now. Maybe Rob Ryan should take a more sensative approach to next week’s game plan.

2. Big Band Theory Reruns
I can just picture Sean Payton holding Rob Ryan ever so gently singing him the Soft Kitty Song.

3. Hook
This famous food fight scene most of us remember as the most food we’ve ever seen in our lives. However, the same amount of food is found at the Ryan brothers’ table at a Golden Corral.

4. Big Mama’s House 2

Martin Lawrence strikes again with another timeless classic. Big Mama’s House was so successful that the producers thought “Hell lets make another one”. The sight of Martin Lawrence dancing in a fat suit could bring a chuckle to the players even after a miserable loss….

5. All Dogs Go To Heaven
At this point of the flight the Saints are so emotionally drained that they don’t care what movie they watch. Drew Brees realizes that he took his kid’s DVD collection instead so they throw on All Dogs Go To Heaven. Rob Ryan is in the front row using his mop like hair to soak up his tears as he watches Charlie go to heaven at the end of the movie. A fitting ending for emotionally exhausting day.

One thought on “Saints’ Flight Entertainment After Horrible Loss

  1. Prarinya says:

    That was a great series, ealecisply the game where the Celtics came back from waaay down. I wanted the Celtics to win just because LA had beat my team, the Jazz Hey, good luck on upgrading WordPress, glad that me being a guinea pig could help.Joes last blog post..

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