McMahoning Is the Next Twerking


Twerking the newest internet sensation is sweeping the nation.  Guar has never twerked, never wants to learn, and would probably pull every back muscle and get a hernia if he tried.  Instead I have a different means of expressing my confidence.  Vincent Kennedy McMahon is the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).  Although sometimes criticized by his controversial story lines there is no double that he is the most powerful man in the sports entertainment industry.  Mr. McMahon has such an influence on Guar’s life that whenever somebody says ‘No Chance” I immediately respond with “IN HELL!”.   Whenever Vince comes out on RAW or another wrestling event his theme music plays and does patented Vince strut to the ring.  People say that this is a cocky strut, but this just screams swag.  Since Guar is at an all time low levels in swag I’ve adopted this strut to increase my confidence in my everyday life.  All I can say is that since i started “McMahoning” my confidence is at an all time high of 2.4 out of 10 (see below video).  I will continue McMahoning as much as I can because we all know you have to walk the walk before you can talk the talk.  Guar out….

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