Jabroni Athlete of the Week: Aldon Smith

tony montana

This is a new weekly segment to the Jam.  Many professional athletes look the part, physically dominating, self confident, and have a certain swag to them.  However at times they do or say something stupid, I mean really stupid.  So this week’s Jabroni award goes to San Francisco 49ers defensive end Aldon Smith.  After a DUI arrent in mid September, Aldon Smith was recently charged with three counts of an illegal possession of an assault weapon.  Smith lives in Santa Monica, I’ve never been there but I just assume its similar to the show “The OC”.  Even Ryan Atwood, the most badass kid in the OC never had an assault weapon, let alone three.  All joking aside Smith could face up to 4 years in jail.  Well congratulations Mr. Smith because you are the first Jabroni of the Week.

aldon smith mug shot

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