Rob-Gronkowski spike Rumor has it that Rob Gronkowski will make his season debut this Sunday.  After last weeks loss, the Patriots are in desperate need of offensive consistency.  Gronk had 11 receiving TDs  in 2012 regular season before missing the time with the broken forearm, and then re-injuring it later on in the playoffs.  Now after off-season back surgery the question is will the old Gronk be back?  Knowing Gronk and his not so polished professional wrestling skills, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he aggravated his back after a failed suplex or Sharpshooter attempt. Guar almost broke his neck because one of his friends thought he was sweet and tried to give him a one arm chokeslam (true story).  So today in lieu of Gronk’s return we are looking at our favorite back breaking movie clips.

Mr Deeds

Not Another Teen Movie

4 thoughts on “OH GOOD GAWD GRONK IS BACK!

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