I’ll let Bill Simmons sum up Game 2…

Bill SimmonsBill Simmons ‏@sportsguy33

You can’t win 5 against 8. This game is one of the all-time jokes. I am so disgusted by this game and the league as a whole.

Blaming the refs for a loss is an easy thing to do. But when the refs have been this blatantly awful so far this series, its hard to look elsewhere. Sure Pietrus had some bonehead plays, Pierce fouled out, Doc was working with an ultra thin bench, and Rondo played himself into the ground, but the refs continue to be the main focus so far. The no call on Rondo getting slapped in the mouth with less than 90 seconds to go was inexcusable and a game changing play.

On a brighter note, Rondo played the gutsiest game he’s ever played in a Celtics uniform. He didn’t miss a second of Game Two. That’s right, he played every single second including OT. Went 53 minutes, had 44 points, 10 assists, and 8 boards. Just another reminder how scary Rondo’s game can be when he cranks it up.

Hated that game..

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