Ray Allen is everybody’s aging dog

Ray Allen has blessed the Celtics with five terrific years of stellar basketball. As a fan, you can’t ask for anything more. Ray is a stand up guy who epitomizes the meaning of a professional athlete.

But like most great things in this world, a large percentage of them fade and crumble because of nagging foot bone spurs. What we’ve seen during the second half of this past season and the playoffs thus far, is that Ray Ray ain’t right. His health might be at 70%, and that’s being generous. His feet, that he relies on every game to weave in and out of screens, are weighing him down like ski boots in a pond.

And if anybody had a dog growing up, this is where your stomach starts to turn.  When you keep neglecting your pet’s age until they can’t climb into the house or get up to eat.  And Ray is almost there for the Celtics organization.  Hanging in there at age 36, Ray is doing what he can now.  It certainly isn’t a pretty or athletic performance, but Ray is giving it his all until he eventually succumbs to the spurs.

We’re all asking a lot from Ray this series. Given the horrible task of guarding the new trendiest athlete to hate in Wade and logging close to 40 minutes a game is just too much.  It’s like expecting your 11 year old dog’s stomach to properly digest potato salad at a cookout.  Not happening.

It’s very safe to say Ray Allen won’t be back with the Celtics next year. His contract with the Celtics will expire this summer, the same time he expects to get surgery on the bone spurs.  This series against the Heat will most likely be Ray’s last time in a Celtics uniform.  But I know that every C’s fan is hoping for Ray to go off in just one game.  One last game.  A 25 point performace with 5 three pointers type game.

Although unlikely with Ray barely being able to get out of his bed in the middle of the night to take a piss, it would be the perfect send off for a great guy who I just compared to a dying dog.

3 thoughts on “Ray Allen is everybody’s aging dog

  1. Realist says:

    I don’t know about that Rimmy. While he keeps his body in tip-top shape, he came in with cranky ankles to begin with.

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