Not seeing a second of game 6 would have been great

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

In the Big Three era, the Celtics are now 2-11 in close out games in the playoffs. Last night might have been one of the worst of those 11 losses. It was literally the worst game the C’s played all playoffs. Going 33% from the field, scrounging up 5 bench points, and dealing with Rondo on one of his pissy emotional nights, the C’s let Philly hang in the game and are now forced to play a game 7 on Saturday instead of resting their warped bodies. Goddamn. A few things from last night:

Allen Iverson in the house

AI was introduced before the game to present the game ball. Do you know what my favorite Iverson story is? When he kicked his naked wife out of his house during a booze filled fight. Quite the scholar. AI also never packed bags for away games. He always bought new clothes in the cities he stayed in. I almost envy that level of ignorance.

Rondo was bummed out so he played like shit

Luckily for the Sixers they caught Rondo on one of his moody nights where he didn’t feel like playing for half of the game. At times he played well, but for the majority he kind of coasted and missed 10 of 14 shots. I love Rondo, but seeing what he can do when wants to play compared to nights like Game 6 make you want to choke his skinny transgender looking neck.

Ray Allen needs new orthopedics

Ray was completely useless. Almost a liability. Actually he was a liability. Ray shot 4-11 from the field in 26 minutes and also fouled out. He looked as brittle as ever and didn’t stand a chance against Evan Turner or who ever the hell else he was guarding. You have to feel for him because he is battling through some serious pain, but once Avery Bradley’s shoulders stop popping out in his sleep he is immediately getting thrown back in the starting five.  I like the Celtics in Game 7, but it’s so damn unnecessary.

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