It’s time to cut these 76er’s throats

The title of this post might have been a little much. But no Avery Bradley, a banged up Paul Pierce, a hobbled Ray Allen, a new 36 year old Kevin Garnett, and a pitiful excuse of mimicking a celebration by Stiemsma (above), the Celtics still managed to blow the doors off of Philly. Sure they got to the line 17 more times than Philly, but the Celtics had enough of this Sixers team in the third quarter when they ramped up the D and started making shots. A few things from last night:

Brandon Bass

Bass exploded in Game 5. He dropped 27 points and 6 boards in 37 minutes. It’s never to late to start hitting your stride, because Bass has barely been a shadow of his regular season self in the playoffs. The two hand slam man bullied Sixers down low and had countless two hand slams. Bass’ only flaw of the night was his post game interview. If anyone saw it, he was a little too giddy to be on TV for my liking. I’m sure KG will have a nice chat with him about that.

Greg Stiemsma played more than 43 seconds

It was great to see young Stiemsma see some quality burn in Game 5. I love Ryan Hollins’ energy, but he’s just all over the place all the time. Almost too excited. But not Greggy. Stiemsma gives you a little more control on offense and way better defense. Hopefully Doc will ride Steamer for the rest of the playoffs and seriously limit Hollins’. Everyone is realizing that the kid can kind of play.

Rondo rakes

Another night, another double digit assist game for Rondo. Rondo had 13 points and 14 assists and spent his night feeding Bass and KG jumpers and layups. Best point guard in the league. Chris Paul, Deron Williams are all jump shots and bad facial hair.

I respect Will Smith’s sports taste

Not a lot of celebrites will make it to the East coast for a Celtics vs. 76ers Eastern Conference Semi Finals game. Have to give Smith credit here by appreciating solid basektball instead of flocking to LA to drink a bloody mary at the Lakers game. The real question though, where did Jada get that dress? I love the way it falls on her.

5 thoughts on “It’s time to cut these 76er’s throats

  1. Realist says:

    Will Smith will slap you for looking at his womam like that, or if you try to kiss him. I’m sure both are applicable to you.

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