Expect the Celtics to scalp the Hawks in Game 6

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Image


A game 5 win would have been nice. With the Hawks being at home and their backs against the wall, a nice 3 games to 1 cushion for the Celtics, and David Stern wanting to prolong the series in order to rake in more advertising opportunities, the Celtics still should have come away with a W. So now there will be a Game 6 in Boston on Thursday. And if recent history of the Celtics closing out playoff series at home repeats itself, expect the Celtics to scalp and rape the Hawks. A few things from last night…

Al Horford is apparently back

So after playing in one game since January, Horford crushed it last night with 19 points and 11 boards. There’s something about Horford that makes him extremely unlikable. It could be his awful set shot or his extreme and bogus “Hawk” pride. It sucks because he’s getting better by the game, so hopefully the C’s get rid of the Hawks in game 6 before big Al drops 40 and 30 in Game 7.

Josh Smith missed his 27th dunk of the series

Smith is a boisterous idiot. Thats all.

Ryan Hollins saw some decent burn

Hollins logged some 19 minutes last night, slating 5 points, 4 rebounds, and a block. This was hands down Hollins’ best game as a Celtic and possibly his best game as an NBA player. When a player is playing well for the C’s, Doc will ride them. I would rather Doc ride Steisma than Hollins, as big Greggy only played four minutes.

Frozen Planet made an appearance

When the Celts were down 11 in the 3rd, I angrily changed it over to “Frozen Planet” on Animal Planet. I learned a few things in my brief break from the game: 1) How to kill a walrus the right AND traditional way (with spears of course).. 2) A Baldwin narrates the show. Not sure which one but he is excellent. 3)If the sea level rises a meter everyone on Earth will pretty much die.

Mickael Pietrus sucks

I know he’s coming off of a violent concussion from the regular season, but he just sucks. His no-follow through jump shot that always clanks off the back iron is getting a tad old. I’d rather have Marquis Daniels or Sasha play in front of him. Give me solid D from Daniels and 4 points a game over Pietrus’ garbage play any day.

Rondo will have a stat sheet stuffing game 6

If you look solely at the score card at Game 5, Rondo played well. He had 13 points, 12 assists, 5 rebounds, and 5 steals. A solid game for any guard. But Rondo also had 5 turnovers and went 6-17 from the field with a hefty amount of jump shots. Being home on Thursday with the chance to put away the Hawks, Rondo is going to feast on Atlanta.

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