Tedy Bruschi not amused with John Harbaugh’s comments on Spygate

Photo courtesy of ESPN.com

ESPN Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Tuesday morning he thought the New England Patriots’ three championships won under Bill Belichick “got asterisks now” and have been “stained” by the Spygate scandal that rocked the team in 2007.  ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi, who was a linebacker on all three of the Patriots’ title teams in the early 2000s and was with the Patriots in 2007 when the Spygate scandal broke, said he was perplexed by Harbaugh’s comments. “You want to take a shot, go ahead and say it,” Bruschi said on Tuesday’s “SportsCenter.” “When I look down at my hand and I see championship rings, I know how much work had to be put in to win those championships. I’m very set and secure with all of the victories that we had, the work we put in.” Bruschi also reminded Harbaugh that, in some ways, he has Belichick to thank for landing the head coaching job with the Ravens in 2007. According to reports, the Ravens did not have Harbaugh on their coaching radar until Belichick called the team and recommended they talk to Harbaugh, who was then a Philadelphia Eaglesassistant.

First off lets just take in the picture above from the video on ESPN.com. That scumbag Eric Mangini, the Spygate snitch, attempting to give his thoughts, and all Tedy Bruschi wants to do is murder him. Forget all of the comments, just look at Bruschi’s face. I honestly believe he is thinking of a way to kill Mangini even with the cameras rolling. If i had to guess, he is going through scenarios of how he can shut the lights off with his mind, jedi style, and without a blink just snapping Mangini’s neck. Then he throws the body under the desk, turns the lights back on, and gives Harbaugh some more of his thoughts. While all this goes down Willie McGinest and Lonie Paxton light up a blunt.

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