Paul Pierce is a goddamn Hall of Famer

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

Similar feeling to game one, game two was nauseating to watch. Scoring did not come easy, Josh Smith was demolishing the Celtics, and Ray Allen was still found sitting on the bench with orthopedic sneakers.  Not much seemed like it was going the Celtics way, until Pierce decided to shoot 26 shots and completely take control the game.  A few things from last night:


As Bill Simmons tweeted last night “That one immediately goes into the all-time Pierce greatest hits collection. Future Hall of Famer. Ton of pride. Same for KG. Celtic pride.” For the most part, Pierce was dominating on offense and on the boards. He did have an Allen Iverson-ish type game by taking 26 shots and having 8 turnovers, but in the fourth quarter he was an assassin. Pierce finished with 36 points, 14 boards, and 4 assists and a Tebow like pose after some big free throws.  The biggest shot of the night came with less than five minutes to go with the Celts up four, and Pierce grabbed the defensive rebound and darted towards the Hawks basket only to pull up a nail a “fu** you” three pointer to put the C’s up seven.  Knowing that Rondo and Ray were a no go last night Pierce hoisted the C’s on his back, similar to the Antoine Walker days.  Absolute legend material.

No Rondo

Since Rondo isn’t aware that NBA refs are made of glass and can’t be nudged by even the slightest force, he watched game two while serving his one game suspension.  And according to Keyon Dooling, last nights win was meant for Rondo, “We did this for [Rajon Rondo] tonight. This is a tribute to Rondo; we got his back.” Agree or disagree with Dooling here, Rondo can get away with missing a first round playoff game now but this shit won’t fly come next round. Stop it Rondo. Just stop it.

Bradley blocks

After Jeff Teague looked like he was going to KILL the Celtics again like he did in game one, Avery Bradley decided to lock his ass down in the second half.  Bradley finished the game with 3 blocks but had 2 crazy athletic stuffs on Teague. Do you know whats crazy? If Avery Bradley was still in college he would have been studying for a psychology exam last night in the middle of his junior year instead of playing an NBA Playoff game. Depressing shit for us normal folk.

Josh Smith

Smith continued his assault this series by posting 16 points, 12 boards, and 5 assists. Smith did come up limp in the fourth quarter though and left the game with a sprained knee. Knowing the mental and physical toughness of Smith, I wouldn’t expect to see him fully recovered until November.

Pietrus needs a hospital

Somebody get Pietrus’ limping body off of the court.  He clearly has a sport hernia.  According to Tommy Heihnson last night, Pietrus “just didn’t look right.”  They don’t call him the best damn color commentator in the NBA for nothing.

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