Welp, Game One was a disaster

(AP Photo/David Goldman)

Absolutely brutal game to watch from start to finish.  The Celtics started off the game by giving up 31 points to the Hawks in the first quarter and ended the game with their star point guard getting ejected.  This game is officially behind the Celtics.  The thing to worry about now is whether or not Rondo will be suspended for throwing his chest into the refs shoulder blades.  Not the best way to start off a series, but at times in the game the C’s did look like they had their shit semi-together.  A few things from Game One:

Josh Smith can go right to hell

Josh Smith demolished KG in the first half. Smith finished with 22 points, 18 boards, and 4 assists. He did have some “me” moments in this game, dribbling too much at times trying to win his personal vendetta with Garnett on every possession, but for the most part he hit big shots and sucked up every board in the paint.

Rondo shows up and now waits from Stern 

Everybody and there butcher after this game said “Tough loss, Celtics in 6 though”. If Rondo gets suspended for bumping the ref, the Celtics could be looking at an 0-2 hole heading home. A game suspension is highly likable in the poorly David Stern run NBA, which is a shame because Rondo showed up last night by posting 20 points, 11 assists, 4 rebounds, and 4 steals. I will quit the sport of basketball if Rondo is suspended ANY amount of time.

Pierce was ice-cold

I love Pierce but last night he was brutal from the field, going 5-19 while posting 12 points. If KG starts games as slow as he did last night and Pierce can’t find the bottom of the net, you’ll be seeing a lot of Jajuan Johnson in garbage time while the Celts get blown out. Knowing Pierce, bet the Bar Mitzvah money he puts up 25 plus points next game to make up for his salty performance.

We need ya’ Ray

Ray Allen’s presence was missed big time last night. Although I’ve been a Bradley fan from the get go and I still fully support the fact that Avery is starting over Ray, when it comes down to it…the Celtics need offense. Ray coming off the bench for instant offense is needed badly. The bench is rough right now, with Pietrus and Steisma supplying slightly productive minutes (mainly Steisma). I love Greg as much as the next midwestern gal, but the Celts need offense as badly as I need immodium today after eating pounds of garbage during the game.

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