With the Bruins loss, it’s all up to the old bastard Celtics now

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Forgive me for being ignorant and not remembering his name but when the black guy from Washington scored the winning goal in OT to send the Bruins packing for the summer, the racist Boston crowd went silent. Silent and stunned that the defending champs’ season was over and also that a black guy was on skates.

For Bruins fans, this will blow. The Jam’s own Kooz skipped work today to go sit on a bench at an empty bus stop to maximize his depression. When we spoke last night after the loss, he told me he was going to “go away for a few days and study”. Funny thing is that Kooz isn’t a student anywhere, so I took it as him lying about getting wasted in public areas for a few days. I’m fine with it Kooz, take your time off. Just know that this doesn’t count towards your sick days and it’s coming out of your paycheck too.

So now what. The Bruins lost, the Red Sox aren’t even worth a discussion, and the Patriots are trying to come up with some sexy draft picks that will drown out the fact that they lost in the Superbowl..again. So what do we have to look forward to now? The guys with the old balls from the Boston Celtics?


I think I have over stated my love for this team so far but I will briefly reiterate. They are tough, disciplined, gritty, and are the most underrated exciting team to watch. All of a sudden the Celtics have one of the quickest back courts in the game in Rondo and Bradley, Kevin Garnett can’t miss from fifteen plus feet and is a Defensive Player of the Year nominee, Brandon Bass is having a break out season, Pierce is dropping 40 point games, and Doc Rivers is still coaching his ass off.

The top teams in the NBA are looking over their shoulders now. Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau stated just last week that he isn’t worried about the Heat anymore, “Forget the Heat, the Celtics are playing scary ball right now. I’m sure nobody in the East wants to match up with them right now”.

That may be Tom being a nice guy, blowing smoke up our asses but still. Kidding aside, the Celtics are going to be a tough out for anybody. By the way I googled Tom Thibodeau and the first search that came up was “Tom Thibodeau gay”. It’s not a big deal, I just thought it was interesting and strange.

So with the Bruins adding to the latest addition of Boston sports anguish, the Red Sox doing whatever the hell they’re doing out there, and the Patriots attempting to get young, note that the Celtics playoffs start in about a week against the Hawks.  An Al Horford-less Hawks.  I know everyone has been saying this the last few years but this may be the final go around with this core.  Garnett, Pierce, and Ray still have enough juice for one more push.  Throw in Avery, Bass, and a young shot blocking Steisma off the bench and things could get interesting.  Who knows, maybe Sean Williams will get into it too.  So try to get over the fact that the B’s won’t repeat and hop on this under dog bandwagon.  “Tom Thibodeau gay” out.

4 thoughts on “With the Bruins loss, it’s all up to the old bastard Celtics now

  1. Kooz says:

    I am still just obscenely mad, but yes I agree with anonymous, we will contend for years to come, and Realist, I feel your pain, and Moose, I may or may not be at work Monday

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