The Philadelphia Flyers head coach is the dad from “The Wonder Years”

Yes, Peter Laviolette.  The current head coach for the by god Philadelphia Flyers. If you thought you saw Laviolette belligerently scream like he was aiming it at Fred Savage for flunking a social studies test, you weren’t alone.

I think it’s widely known that I am not the most dedicated hockey fan. I am improving and I do enjoy it, but I’m an NBA guy first. So when I watch a hockey game, I watch it for the simple aspects. The aesthetics. The arena, the ice, the crowd, the uniforms, the players, and yes the coaches too. I just look at shit. When it comes to hockey I become anybody’s mother. I make little comments under my breath about the fighting, facial scars, and foul language. The only thing I’m missing is a home line telephone with a rubber wire to curl around my finger and gossip to my best friend on the other line about what I’m watching. It’s pathetic.

And I was extra pathetic this weekend when I was watching the Flyers game and muttered to myself, “that guy looks like The Wonder Years dad”. Laviolette looks like Dan Lauria. Brilliant analysis right? But just bare with me.

The guy is a twin. They both have the same exact grizzled face, same demeanor, and edginess. Oh, and both look like they are close to back handing an eight year old at any minute with a few brass rings on their knuckles.

Side Bar: In the Wonder Years, was it widely known that the father beat Fred Savage and his brother and sister or was that just not a story line. Sure they couldn’t show it on a family program but if you “watched” between the lines on that show, the father had to be taking off his belt at least once or twice a week when he got home from work. Savage had to fear him for a reason.

So ya, Laviolette looks like The Wonder Years dad.  A simple observation, but I guarantee you it will stick when the Flyers play again.  Just don’t be surprised if Laviolette is caught yelling at the Jew from next door..

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