I’m On My Tyler Seguin S**T

What a beautiful time for Tyler Seguin to score his first goal of the series. This game was back and forth, and I almost threw up six times. In a must win, the players who had been silent, started making some noise. Krejci finally put one home and Lucic played one of his best games. This trio, Lucic, Seguin and Krejci, connected on the game winning OT goal.

Krejci made a great play on the interception of a weak Nick Backstrom pass. Backstrom is a douche. Krejci then fed it to Looch, who made a nice shift at the blue line and hit Seguin streaking down the center of the Capitals zone. Seguin faked a shot and had Holtby dead to rights. A beautiful goal.

A team that played in threegame sevens last year, has its first game seven this year. It will be Wednesday night at the Garden. And you had best believe your boy Kooz will be there. Who’s comin’ with me?

2 thoughts on “I’m On My Tyler Seguin S**T

  1. Realist says:

    Fuckin’ great game. NHL playoffs really is the second best sport when you learn to grow an appreciation for hockey. The more I live, the more I hate baseball (America’s past time my ass).

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