Fenway 100 Year Anniversary: Which former player would you rather see today?

With a wild cast of former players coming back for the 100 year anniversary of Fenway Park we wanted to know who you would rather see make it to the park today.

Rich ” El Guapo” Garces – In my lifetime I don’t know if any Red Sox player was as loved by the fans as much as El Guapo was. The guy is enormous, sloppy, and actually wasn’t terrible. How can’t you love him?

Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd – Dude couldn’t pitch without doing cocaine. He was the Rick James of baseball.

Mo Vaughn – Large and in charge. Last I heard of Mo he was opening car washes in the Boston area. I hear they have all since closed. Maybe he wasn’t the greatest business man, but he is still a legend in Boston.

Wade Boggs – I know people who knew people that knew Wade when he was a member of the Red Sox and living in Boston. I am told the guy loved the gentleman’s clubs in the area, especially on Route 1. Not that this is rare for an athlete to love, but everyone knows that the joints on Route 1 aren’t exactly top notch.

Roger Clemens – Almost every Bostonian hates Clemens. Just to hear the reaction when he strolls his fat ass out would be great.

Troy O’Leary – Troy’s from Compton… he didn’t screw around. He could hit some dingers, drive in runs, and play a less than stellar left field. I threw him in the mix because he reminds me of former wrestling star D’Lo Brown, and who didn’t love D’Lo Brown?

Jim Leyritz – Too soon? My bad.


I’m clearly biased to the late 80s and 90s so let us know who you’d like to see.


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