Is this Paul Pierce tweet over the line? ‏ @TheBostonJam

Pierce has 43 points right now. Hasn’t been putting up those numbers since he’s been gutted at night clubs #celtics

So I tweeted this last night while watching the Celtics slug it out with the New York Knicks. Just so happen the Knicks need to make 85 three pointers just to beat the Celtics, but that’s a different issue. The issue at hand is the profound retaliation that I received from this tweet above as Pierce scored his 43rd point of the night. Maybe I was excited to see Pierce rack it up in the point column or maybe I was excited to see the Knicks 21 point lead cut down to eight, but some of the responses to this were absolutely classic.

“You sick degenerate!!!”
“Pierce would kick your shit in if he     saw this”
“Hail TheBostonJam. King of incentive tweets”

But I wouldn’t categorize this tweet as “incentive” for a second. Heres why:

– Pierce never died from the stabbing so it’s cool. Sure he lost way to much blood while being intoxicated but last time I checked he scored 43 points last night and those scars healed up nicely. Eh, as nicely as severe knife wounds can heal.
– I blame this on raw emotion. Excuse me for getting excited but since the All-Star break I never thought the Celtics would ever lose again. I’m a moronic Celtics fan in that sense so when the Celtics are losing now, I kind of lose it as well.
– Pierce is now the owner of a snazzy back tattoo. Every tattoo has a story behind it right? Pierce can now relive that horrible, awful night every time someone asks him the meaning of his ink.

Side Bar:

– Tony Battie’s hero status should be raised a few hundred on the night of the Pierce stabbing. He drove Pierce to the hospital in his sports car, weaving in and out of traffic while Paul bled out on his leather passenger seat.  If no one else knows what you did Tony, at least I do.  And that shits real.

If anybody knows anything about myself, Moose, is that I put Pierce as the second greatest current Boston athlete only to Tom Brady. Some days Pierce bumps up to the number one spot.  I grew up watching Pierce on the crustiest of Celtics teams to the championship team of 08′, literally idolizing him more and more each year.  So if anybody thinks I am an incentive prick, well, you’re right.

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