ESPN says Patriots have easiest schedule in 2012/2013 NFL season

With the Patriots having the “easiest” schedule for the upcoming NFL season, what will their record be? I’m going with a solid 12-4. Moose claims they will go 16-0, and Kooz says 6-10. No matter what their record ends up being one thing is for sure, the Patriots have the hottest tight ends in the NFL… I mean the most talented.


7 thoughts on “ESPN says Patriots have easiest schedule in 2012/2013 NFL season

  1. Realist says:

    3 things wrong with this damned post.

    1. This picture of the Welker is what you think is best to bring us into the new football year? Do you eat paint chips?

    2. Did you really make a pun involving our TE’s looks? Was the bananna your fruit as a child, or still?

    3. This ‘easiest’ schedule is garbage…. football is any given sunday.

    Anyhow 15-1

    1. Mr. MBA says:

      1. That image has ruined my life, so I want it to ruin everybody else’s as well.
      2. What can I say, I like the way they’re are put together… in a football sense.
      3. I hate ESPN, but they may be right… Tim Tebow/Mark Sanchez, Ryan Fitz, and David Garrard… all twice this year? Pretty easy.
      4. 15-1 is a great prediction.
      5. Realist would make a much better president than either Moose or Mit Romney.

  2. Realist says:

    Not sure you guys would vote for me as I think I’d run as a libertarian; however, I do take a utilitarian approach to the world and consider myself of course a ‘realist’.

    I would heavily confine companies from out sourcing jobs, but would allow it for more 24/7 support situations and what not. It would be heavily regulated to keep jobs within the country. Hows that for boosting the economy?

    Then I would pose a ‘no more complaining law’… just shut the fuck up and do your job (well), be nice to your neighbor, drink beer and grill on weekends, and be resourceful to those around you.

    To all my local Jamsters, join me, and we shall reach legnths and dreams we have yerned for!!!!

    This message was brought to you by the Realist Campaign for 2012, and this message has been approved by Realist.

    Realist 2012 Campaign.

    PS – Thank you for your support, Anonymous and MBA.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The league once again gave them another weak azz schedule, especially for a conference champ. There’s some cheating going on, and it’s not all Belichick. RIP this year NY Giants. The league did everything short of shooting the team to ensure that you won’t even make the playoffs at the end of your schedule.

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