Bruins Lose In Double Overtime…I’m Mad

I was at the game yesterday and I was all sorts of jacked up. The crowd was thunderous and the beers were flowing like wine and vodka drinks mixed together, as one. For a low scoring game, it was pretty damn exciting.

Washington scored first on a bullshit goal, but you just knew that the Bruins were going to tie it up. And the man to do it was none other than Benoit friggin’ Pouliot. His goal was badass. He just wanted it more. He beat the defense to the loose puck and was able to chip it over Holtby, for the tying goal. I’ve never heard the Garden crowd so loud, it was unreal.

For the 2nd game in a row, we were headed to overtime. I was confident that we would be able to win another in the OT session. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Backstrom scored minutes into the 2nd overtime, and that was that. A fanned clear attempt by Boychuk led to the chance for Washington.

A couple of things to take away from this game. We need to score. I know that sounds dumb, but we need to get more traffic in front of Holtby to create chances. Lucic and Seguin have been very quiet, where you at gentlemen? Seidenberg and Chara have been playing Ovechkin hard, which is good to see. Thomas has played well, he just needs some goal support. I’m not worried going forward as long as we can start putting the biscuit in the basket. Ovechkin sucks.

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