MLB’s worst, Boston Red Sox, celebrate 100 years at Fenway Park

With a league worst 1-5 record, the Boston Red are set for their home opener at Fenway Park today to face off against the Tampa Bay Rays. To make it even more exciting, the Red Sox will be celebrating Fenway Park’s 100 year anniversary. In a city filled with buildings hundreds and thousands of years old, for some reason a ballpark that is 100-years-old is something to celebrate over? A classic marketing move from the scumbag front office of the Red Sox. Instead of celebrating the place, how about tearing it up and building a state-of-the-art new facility with a stupid green monster and call it a day. Then I will pay some of the highest ticket prices in baseball to go to a game where I get a much better view from my couch than any of those garbage seats.

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