Jabar Gaffney Gone Wild: Twitter Edition

It was just one of those weird days for former Patriot wideout Jabar Gaffney as he decided to go buck-wild on Twitter. Well, apparently somebody hacked his twitter account so he decided to delete it, but incase you were wondering what the “hacker” had to say, here it is:

12 Apr 12 @JabarGaffney

Lito Sheppard is the biggest pussy mf’er in the world if u c him tell him I said it & it’s whatever

12 Apr 12 @JabarGaffney

4-12 is my anniversary woke up and couldn’t find my soon 2 be ex wife anywhere. Fuck dat bitch I can’t wait till its final in a few weeks

12 Apr 12 @JabarGaffney

Feelings are for suckas Neva Eva again. Black heart dead soul!!! Get it how u live & I’m outta here

12 Apr 12 @JabarGaffney

My beef wit Lito don’t got nothing to do bout a girl he just a person I don’t fuck wit he lame to me so don’t hit me up wit that. #Realtalk

12 Apr 12 @JabarGaffney

Ain’t nobody fucked my wife but for anybody saying any slick shit better watch ur girl and not let me get hold to her

12 Apr 12 @JabarGaffney

Last tweet: bitches ain’t grateful no matter what u do for em. Homeboys will change on u. I keeps it 100 don’t read into that’s all it is.

After being “hacked” here is what Jabar has to say,

12 Apr 12 @JabarGaffney

The last thing I actually tweeted was about my tatt anything else wasn’t me

12 Apr 12 @JabarGaffney

This is the real Jabar and my acct was hacked that wasn’t me saying all of that so disreguard whatever u read

12 Apr 12@JabarGaffney

Anybody that knows me for real knows if I said it or not I’m not on no twitter beef so believe what u want.God bless u all

12 Apr 12@JabarGaffney

I got Lito number if I wanna tell him something I can call him up I just saw him the other day

12 Apr 12@JabarGaffney

My girl we handle our business in house so I respectfully ask u all not to come at me sideways and let me handle my business

12 Apr 12@JabarGaffney

And last thing if I said something I’m a man and will admit to it never been scared of nobody so all the big bad people in the world#Growup


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