The Celtics are making shit real interesting

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

It’s very hard for me to sit here at my shitty plastic IKEA desk at 10:41 PM on a Tuesday night and not be enraptured by the Celtics beating the Heat for the second time in a week. It’s real tough. The Celtics can obviously play with anyone at the level they are playing basketball at right now. I get that. But it’s my subconscious that still wants to believe they can play like this in the playoffs, against a Heat or Bulls team for 6 to 7 games. So as incredible as the Celtics have been playing since the All-Star break, I want to keep my heart in check before I full on let the Celtics have their way with me.  But regardless, a few things from last night’s game:

Kevin Garnett:

If you gave up on the Celtics in January like 60% of Boston, then you have no idea how well Kevin Garnett has been playing. Many illustrious sports writers beleive that this season is Garnett’s second best season as a Celtic, only to his first year in Boston.  KG dropped 24 points and 9 rebounds, including a ridiculous streak of five consecutive jumpers in the fourth quarter.  The guy is literally going to play himself to death very soon.

Miami trash:

A Miami Heat fan hit a half court shot after the third quarter and won a KIA sedan. This guy was complete and utter Miami stereotpyical trash. And in typical Miami trash fashion, he won a KIA sedan at a basketball game. That guy can go to hell.

Miami trash part II:

Down 12 points with three minutes to go, Lebron was at the free throw line shooting two. And before each free throw, M-V-P (that means most valuable player mom) rained down from the trashy Heat crowd. Lebron absolutely ate it up.

The Celtics are in Wade’s head:

At least for now. Wade did have 20 points but they were a tough 20 points. Most of his buckets either came from the line or tough drives through the Celtics defense. He was noticably quiet when Bradley was in the game and noticably bitchy and whiny when he didn’t get a call go his way, highlighted by his technical foul late in the fourth.  At this point, Lebron is a much more likeable human being than Wade.

(Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)

Caveat creek:

Before we all lose our minds with this team’s performance, consider this…Boston shot nearly 61% from the field last night and only managed an eight point win.  They allowed 107 points and were out-rebounded yet again.  I’m very very close to writing this team off as a potential Eastern Conference Finals participant, but it’s the ability to play like this for a seven game series night in and night out against the Heat that still remains to be seen.  I never said I didn’t like our chances though.

5 thoughts on “The Celtics are making shit real interesting

    1. Realist says:

      abg “Actually we out-rebounded the Heat 40-34.” —-> Ha!

      But we have to be feeling good about the C’s as well as the B’s in these playoffs.

  1. CHart says:

    Make up your mind Moose. Will the Celtics be a contender or not? I say not. Their defense is not strong, their rebounding is weak. They are an old team. First round exit. Simple as that. Aha! CHart does it again!

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