Man arrested after trying to steal sand at the Masters

Online Athens Authorities say a 40-year-old spectator at the Masters Tournament has been arrested after police say he tried to steal sand pebbles from a sand trap and then led security officers on a foot chase. Richmond County sheriff’s Capt. Scott Gay tells The Augusta Chronicle that Clayton Price Baker is accused of slipping under the ropes following the tournament and trying to put the sand in his cup. After a short foot chase by Augusta National Golf Club security and sheriff’s deputies, Baker was apprehended yesterday and charged with disorderly conduct. It was not known today whether Baker has an attorney. Gay said Baker, who is from Ohio, did not get any of the sand in his cup.

I don’t know what is better, having the actual sand from the Masters, or having a mug shot from trying to steal said sand at the Masters which you can now frame and hang in your den. Clayton Price Baker has the latter, and should be proud of it. The guy looks like he was absolutely banged up, so hats off to him for having a great time.

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